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Detoxification of the body comes with many advantages. It removes impurities from your blood, and cleanse you from the harmful toxins in your body. In the past years, many persons have found new ways of cleansing and detoxing their body from impurities and toxic substances. Chef Ricardo is one of the few persons who have had a great success in enhancing these recipes. He is specialized in having many different types of detoxing, cleansing and weight loss recipes.

These methods created have been proved by many that it works. From the most acidulated of ingredients to the most saccharine of ingredients, you can create the best masterpiece for detoxing. If you are looking for some great recipes for detoxing, cleansing and the loss of weight, well this book is sure to give you all the answers you need.  

Chef Ricardo Detox Drinks Book

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  • Chef Ricardo Detox Drinks Book


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