Garlic salmon recipe from chef Ricardo cooking TV chef Jamaican international chef

How to make this beautiful salmon recipe servette tagliatelle pasta it is amazing recipe to make with your family at home please visit my YouTube channel chef Ricardo cooking watch the simple recipe how to make it step by step leave your comments in the description box

Step 1

IngredientsChef Ricardo secret recipe signature Salmon

how to make this beautiful salmon dish


4 / slices of boneless salmon

6 clove of garlic

spring onion / white onion / Leek / plum tomato or cherry tomato / broccoli / mushroom/ mixed peppers / black pepper and salt

Teriyaki sauce/ Hoisin sauce/

tagliatelle pasta / lemon or lime juice

enjoy this amazing recipe very easy and simple to make step-by-step recipe 🙏🏿👌❤🙏🏿 #Chefricardocooking @tvchef #Recipe and Twitter

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