Butter garlic honey roast chicken from chef Ricardo cooking recipe to make at home

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very easy and simple recipes to make at home step-by-step recipe ingredients one medium-sized chicken teaspoon of butter 2 teaspoon of honey one medium-sized parrot 2 teaspoon of chicken seasoning 4 clove of garlic one teaspoon of natural Brandon seasoning one teaspoon of all purpose seasoning time & red onion half of a medium-sized Leek one teaspoon of paprika seasoning one teaspoon of garlic powder please enjoy this recipe leave a comment in the description box very easy and simple 🙏🏿🙏🏿 wash off your chicken put all the ingredients under chicken and Robert up together place it in the oven tray and bake it for one 1:20 & minutes thank you so much for watching this video very easy and simple to make at home butter & garlic and honey roast chicken 🙏🏿❤🙏🏿😷😋🎉🎊🇯🇲 happy Easter Sunday 🙏🏿

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